Friday, August 1, 2014


South African Hip Hop artist and lyricist, Reason, has released a new single titled #2CupsShakur and has had the country buzzing over the past 36 hours since its debut.
#2CupsShakur is Reason’s latest offering off upcoming Audio HD album. This single follows the very popular Bump The Cheese Up track which found its way into the vocabulary of many young, urban, trend setters across the country.
After nationwide debuts on 5FM and Metro FM, it is clear to see why #2CupsShakur has had such great reception. The tongue twister of a song is very catchy and has a lot of people intrigued about its meaning and supposed association to 2 Pac.
“It’s a song of celebration” expresses Reason. “I want people to celebrate all aspects of life with this track. Even celebrate the observers and haters. It’s an indication that you are doing something right.”
The track will be available for free download tonight during SABC 1’s Live Amp where Reason will perform #2CupsShakur live for the first time on television.
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This signing sees MuzArt join some of SA’s top talent in various industries such as the likes of Terry Pheto, Tumisho Masha, Khuli Chana, Nkhensani Nkosi, Thembi Seete, Ms Cosmo and DJ Zan-D just to name a few.
“We are happy to be working with MuzArt. Their previous management, Mackay Communications, did a great job to get them here. We look forward to building this exciting, young brand into a household name” expresses Kgaugelo Maphai, Director at Dream Team SA.
MuzArt’s talents have not gone unnoticed. They received Metro FM and SAMA nominations this year, and their current single, Long Long Time, is on high rotation at numerous radio stations across the country and is featured on numerous local Top 10, Top 30 and Top 40 charts.
Long Time video below:
"Any one artist's dream is for people to not only receive his or her work, but the ultimate is having people believe in your work! We have been privileged over the years to have people from all walks of life believe in us, as people and as musicians. Joining Dream Team is a dream come true! Like them we believe that dreams are achieved with a good team behind. We are excited to be part of this well-oiled machine; their work and success speak for them. We believe it will be a successful partnership and a beginning to a new era for MuzArt. ((((((DREAMTEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))))))!” expresses MuzArt.
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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another episode of AKA VS Cassper Nyovest.Will it ever end though?

Tsholofelo July 31st

The Beef between Cassper Nyovest and AKA is far from over as we witness yet another episode of tag war between 2 giants of South African Hip Hop artists. The sudden party at Sway by AKA tonight suggest he wants to steal Cassper Nyovest's shine and to top it all this war extends to gigs in the mother city-CPT.We will wait in anticipation to see who'll come up tops.....The question though is.Where are you going to be turning up?

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 11.31.24 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-29 at 11.40.11 PM

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AAlogo (Small)The Johannesburg Arts Alive International Festival is paying homage to Brenda Fassie’s legacy in an exciting way that allows her fans to showcase their musical talents.
2014 marks the tenth anniversary of Brenda’s death. Lauded as the ‘Madonna of the Townships’ and Africa’s top pop star, her infectious energy, star power and music are still with us.
From My Black President to Weekend Special, her hit songs were the soundtrack to love and life in the 80s whose messages resonated with the masses during South Africa’s political transition.
This year S’Khonyana Productions and Muthaland Entertainment together with Bongani Fassie launched The Brenda Fassie Legacy Tour to honour her contribution and to celebrate her music and history. The project will be marked by a series of cultural events and programmes running until May 2015.
Among these is the Can You Sing Like Mabrrr Competition in conjunction with Arts Alive. The talent search gives aspiring singers a chance to record and perform a version of one of Brenda’s songs. Candidates are invited to perform a live remake of any of Brenda’s songs which could be done accapella or with a band and in any genre.
“The idea is not to do a cover of Brenda Fassie’s song as such, but to come up with an interpretation of the song,” says Lance Stehr of Muthaland Entertainment and Ghetto Ruff.
“We already have over 40 continental and international artists working on an interpretation of a Brenda song for the Legacy project. When we came up with this competition, we wanted to reach out to the masses and to enlighten 14 to 24 year olds to get them into Brenda Fassie’s heritage,” he adds.
The competition winner will receive a professionally recorded track of the song which will be submitted to radio. They will also get to perform the track at the Jazz on the Lake concert, which opens the Arts Alive Festival on August 31.
Auditions take place on August 2 at the Bassline in Newtown from 10am to 6pm. Judges include Bongani Fassie, Vusi Nova and Brad Holmes.
Competition Rules:
*Entrants must be over the age of 18, and provide a Johannesburg address.
*Entrants must confirm that there will be no compensation for their performance.
*This Competition is open to all persons in SA provided they cover their own costs to get to the auditions.
*There is no prior registration.
*The prize cannot be transferred or exchanged

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DJ Shimza 's One Man Show Goes International

Dj Shimza’s One Man Show is a charity event that takes place on Christmas day in Tembisa, the event starts off during the day where orphans from homes around Tembisa are pampered with a Christmas experience by being provided with a proper Christmas lunch, gifts and many games for them to partake in. Later on this initiative turn into a musical festival where Dj Shimza plays alone the whole night and gets performing artists to perform for the masses.

This year , Shimza is starting it on international soil , The one man show kicks off in Portugal
on the 01-08-2014 .


 The SA HipHop Awards are back and the submission for this year's work is open-Djs production is here for those who don't know to start.Here's how it works...starting by how the voting goes.


Voting is based 100% on judges’ scores for the following categories: Album of the Year; Best Dance Crew; Best DJ; Best Freshman; Best Graffiti; Best International Brand; Best Local Brand; Hustler of the Year; Lyricist of the Year; Mixtape of the Year; Most Valuable; Producer of the Year; Promoter of the Year and all the King of “...”

Voting is based on the judges’ scores and public votes (50% judges and 50% public) for the Top 5 categories: Best Collaboration, Best Female, Best Male, Best Video and Song of the Year.

Voting is based 100% on online votes for the following category: Best Hip Hop Radio Show.

Public Voting Methods

Public votes are only open to the Top 6 categories: Best Collaboration, Best Female, Best Hip Hop Radio Show, Best Male, Best Video and Song of the Year.

There are two methods for the public to register their votes:

1. Text – public can text their votes as many times as possible, please view table for codes:


32545+sahhas+bf+ NAME
32545+sahhas+bv+ NAME
32545+sahhas+sy+ NAME
32545+sahhas+bc+ NAME
32545+sahhas+br+ NAME

2. Online – public can register at One vote per IP address.

Judges’ Scores

Preliminary judges come from a pool of local music industry professionals, including musicians, songwriters, producers, recording engineers, music publishers, booking agents, program and music directors, talent coordinators and music marketing professionals. Final judging is done by music industry professionals who are not related or connected to the nominees or their record labels.

Judging criteria is listed for each category via

Nominations are made in reference to an album release and track record of a group or individual
Album of the Year is awarded to the performer and the production team of an album released in the previous cycle, in this case 12 months.
Song of the Year is awarded to a performer with reference to an album released in the previous cycle.
Newcomer of the Year is awarded to an artist with reference to an album or mix-tape released in the previous cycle. These materials should be new in the sense of 1st time releasing
Female Artist of the Year is awarded to a female artist with reference to an album released in the previous cycle.’
Male Artist of the Year is awarded to a male artist with reference to an album released in the previous cycle.

Entries received after being invited go through a screening process, to ensure that each entry is eligible and not at risk of disqualification. This task is executed by the Steering Committee of the South African Hip Hop Awards, where no artistic or technical judgments are made about entries.

Matters of incorrectly placed categories are then corrected during this process through consultation with the relevant record company, individuals and crews who legible for an award. Entries, which do not comply with aforementioned rules and regulations, are disqualified.

The advisory board then adjudicates all the award categories with the exception of the Honorary award and Song of The Year award, using their expert knowledge and prior artist acknowledgements and achievements so that they can be judged on merit
n the interest of uniformity, judges are required to vote and return results on prescribed forms, collated into auditable sets. An audit company then calculates the results on which the list of nominees is based and certifies that end results have been reached in accordance with aforementioned rules. A nominee announcement party is then hosted, to publicise the event.


Entries are open to any recording artist, director, producer,event organisers,dance rcews or engineers who meet the following requirements:
Must have South African citizenship or permanent residency in South Africa of six months or more.
50% ownership of the master recording of the entry, in the event that the rest is owned by a non- South African entity.
50% of the members belonging to Duos or groups must also comply with the aforementioned criteria.
Ritual Media Group reserves the right to request proof that all artists, producers or any individual meet the set requirements.
In certain categories, collaborations between qualifying artists and international artists are allowed, given that the South African qualifying artist’s participation is of equal billing.
All material submitted for the 2nd Annual SA Hip Hop Awards, must have been commercially released or the indivuals should be active for the past 12 months i.e. cd available on the South Africa market during the entry period or been doing events for the past 11 months.
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South African Hip Hop DJ / Producer, Dimplez has teamed up with Durban’s most talked about hip hop trio Dreamteam and producer Anatii in making what they describe as a guaranteed club banger ‘Yaya’. Having performed the song live, Dreamteam has received an electrifying response from the fans and from that we can conclude that it is undoubtedly set to be a dance floor filler.
The trio is currently in studio working on their highly anticipated debut album due for release mid-September.DJ Dimplez has since become a household name after producing some of the biggest songs in South African Hip Hop including ‘Rands & Nairas’ where he featured Niger born Emmy Gee and AB Crazy, ‘They wanna know’ with Red Button and also features in the latest party starter ‘Amantombazane Remix’ with Riky Rick and various other rappers.
Anatii is no stranger to the music industry, he has previously worked with industry heavy weights such as international DJ Khaled and he is currently working on singles and collaborations with a variety of talented musicians. There is definitely a lot to look forward to in the S.A hip hop scene. ‘Yaya’ is due to drop digitally on Friday, 01st of August 2014
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Monday, July 28, 2014


Senzo Mfundo Vilakazi aka Kwesta had the whole hip hop community in one place and that place non other than zone 6 in Soweto(diepkloof).We(djs production crew) made sure that we capture every moment-see pictures below.
This is what Kwesta had to say about yesterday's event.....

I just want to let you know why i love you...i've dedicated my live to share my story with the world and letting everyone know that i exist but more than that im living my life and doing what i love. Its all about love and thanks to you i have a reason to share my love. it inspires, it comforts, it celerates, it hurts, it heals, it chides, it rewards.... The gift that keeps on giving and all all my love is in the music i make for world to embrace!

Last night i got to share my love with the 2000 people jam pam packed into the massive Zone 6 Venue, Soweto also known as the worlds most famous township. We made memories we'll cherish for the rest of our lives and the love was real! People came out in their numbers and i'm still overwhelmed by the magnitude of what we achieved. It wouldn't have been possible without love and wiithout all the fellow artists, performers, dj's , journalists, radio and Tv presenters as well as all the VIP's in my heart who we're present to achieve the gift of my love.

I guess the best way i can show you my gratitude for all the support and outpouring of love is by doing what i do best, what i love and what i will keep getting better at doing for as long as God wills... You can look forward to more love, more music and more magical memories!"

Dj Sliqe in the building
meet my boy Edgar                         

lobhuti osemuva mara maan yho!!!
lobhuti yis'dakwa
who's that guy at the back?

yo wassap Choc...?

eish lomntwana wenzani manje...?

ay'shute ikuphi ivuzu....?

Sexy Bucie the only female on the line 
Emmy Gee,AB Crazy and Anatti about to take the stage....
izinyo lam ngaliphosa phezu kwendlu..

ziyawa la!
mashayabhuqe on stage

wow its a f**ken turn-up!!!!
Red Button...hands up!!!

haaa yekela ukukhuluma kakhulu,,,,,
Dj Dimpez and Ms Cosmo looking dapper!

we are all one......
damn!if looks could kill.....
Reason says bump the cheese up!
Miza on the one's and two's....
i know.......don't you envy me?
Boy n Bucks
Reason with the new boys in the game-TLT

kwesta thanks the crowd

Kwesta thanking everyone that stepped on stage...

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KHULI SCOOPS AFRIMMA for Best Male Southern Africa 2014

Mnateba Khuli.Multiple award winning artist.artist. Khuli Chana won an African Muzik Magazine Award(AFRIMMA).For Best Male Southern Africa last night.The award  ceremony took place at the Eisemann center in Dallas,  Texas.

This marks Khuli Chana's first international award.This amoungst his long list of South African awards that he has received namely :

- Song of the year at the Hype Music Awards in 2009.
-Best Newcomer at the Channel O Music Awards in 2009.
- Best vernacular hip hop album at the SATMA in 2009.
- Best Collaboration at the SA hip hop awards 2012.
- Best Collaboration at the Metro FM Music Awards in 2013.
- Album of the year at the MTN SAMA in 2013.
- Best Rap Album at the MTN SAMA in 2013.
- Best male artist at the SA HIP HOP awards in 2013.
- Best hit single (Mnatebawen) at the Metro FM Music Awards 2014.
- Best Male Southern Africa at the AFRIMMA 2014.

              BOOKING KHULI CHANA CONTACT : 071051909905 OR

Friday, July 25, 2014

Big things go to Riky Rick #TheWholeTime

Mr Amantombazane himself Richardo "Riky Rick" Makhado  who has been doing exceptionally well over the last few years has come a very long way before he rose to prominence.From one of his first single "I need money" which had a cameo from the beauty Boitumelo " Boity " Thulo.To dropping the REMIX to his own Amantombazane single which featured Maggz,Ginger Breadman ,Kid X , Kwesta,Nadia Nakai and his crew member from Boyzn Buck$ Okmalumkoolkat.

To covering the parenting magazine "Mammas and Pappas"with his son Maik.

He has been rumored to be the ambassador for Ben Sherman and recently been seen wearing Palladium boots which sprouts the question of ambassadorship for Palladium boots as well. Bellow you see him wearing Palladium Boots on different occasions.This would mean one of two things he either likes the brand or well he is the ambassador. We as DjsProduction won't say he is the brand ambassador for Ben Sherman or even Palladium boots nor will we say he is not the ambassador for the above mentioned brands.This mainly because we have heard nothing from the man himself.

Today the rapper/producer/actor well the list goes on,took to his instagram and posted the picture below with the caption "Thank you @menshealthza for the amazing shoot See you in August... #DenimGuide".

This certainly means that Riky Rick will be featured in the Mens Health SA magazine in the Denim Guide column.We want to congratulate Riky on his progress yet far and we wish him luck going into the future.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

DJ Clock's "The 4th Tick: A Clockumentary" sells Gold

Dj Clock a very prominent figure in the House music scene and the Entertainment scene as a whole.He rose to fame back in 2008 after the release of his first studio album "The First Tick" under Soul Candi Records.He put in the hours and carried on working hard then in 2009 dropped one of his biggest song "Kiss & Say Goodbye" .Which increased the amount of attention and respect he got as a musician.

That just seemed like the inception of a very successful career as more and more hits came.Hits such as "Ngomso" feat Shisa boy,Remember Me(Pluto) feat Beatenberg(Which set the record for the most played song on radio in South Africa) and the list goes on.

He released three albums over the years all with the suffix "...Tick"
As expected he recently released his album "The 4th Tick: A Clockumentary" in February 2014 which has a South African record breaking 71 songs.This follows his other 3 albums namely "The First Tick", "The Second Tick" and " The third tick" which all went gold and beyond.

His recent "The 4th Tick: A Clockumentary"  album has sold more than 20000 copies and you know what that means in South Africa?.That means that his album "The 4th Tick: A Clockumentary" has sold Gold.Four out of four Dj Clock albums have sold Gold,Soul Candi Records must be very happy to have such a signee.We as DjsProduction would like to congratulate him as reaching the gold status in South Africa and the world at large is a very hard task to achieve

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