Thursday, March 26, 2015


The song is titled PSA(Public Service Announcement) and has nothing either than BARS.With this song Maraza is showing the game that he raps and he raps VERY well.Feast your ears by simply clicking on the download link below.A quick note : LISTEN ATTENTIVELY.

The music video is currently being shot and is set to drop on the 30th March 2015.Below you will find some of the behind the scenes footage that he posted on his instagram.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


 The Durban based rapper Zakwe has finally drop his artwork for his 2nd up-coming studio album titled 'Impande' which means 'Roots' which is to be released on the 3rd of April. The rapper had been dropping hints on social media since the beginning of this year to watch out for his album which will be released under the record 'Native Rhythms', the recording label which also houses 'The Soil". After dropping the artwork on Twitter, his followers only had great things to say about the artwork with 90% of them saying it is 'dope' All we can say as DJ's Production is that we cant wait to get a copy of this album, we are anticipating hit after hit, this album will definitely make an awesome Easter present. 

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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Hailing from East London, South Africa. “Mobi Dixon” has been producing music for 13
years. He released his 1st EP “Dance is Kulcha” on vinyl and digital in 2007.After winning the DJU/AXE remix competition in 2008 he took his craft to the next level and worked
with labels like House Africa, Sheer House and Kalawa Jazmee and did local and
International remixes for artists like Rowick Deep,Fistaz Mixwell,Giggs Superstar and
Marissa Guzman. In 2013 he released his debut EP under Soul Candi Records. “Tribal Soul EP” consists of 6 tracks delivered in 2 parts headlined by the single “Love Colour Spin” featuring the talented Msaki on vocals 2014 sees the release of his new single City Rains featuring talented soft rock artist M.que. This fusion of jazz, soft rock and African rhythm best represents Mobi’s unique sound he calls tribal soul.

Music Download:
Mobi Dixon - Sound Cloud 

Social Networks:
Facebook: mobi dixon
Twitter: @mobi_dixon
Instagram: mobidixon 

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


The Beautiful Miss Nomuzi Mabena who is now widely known as the "Skhanda Queen seems to have shaken things up on the SA hip hop scene. The MTV VJ got a lot of people talking after making her debut on Kid X's Se7en, which was released last Friday (9 March). After the track dropped, people took to social media to express their views on Moozlie's skills as a rapper. Some were impressed while others felt she still has a long way to go. There was a lot of debate and even established rappers like Kiernan Forbes better known as AKA had something to say about her rapping. One of his tweets read: "If a female rapper is going to blow up this year, they’re going to have to be as good, if not better than a really good male rapper." He added: "I have faith in Nomuzi. I trust she will put in the work to become the 1st LEGIT local female "rapstar."It like he's not the only one who believes in the female rapper. Cashtime's KO explained why they signed Nomuzi. In a clip posted on former Skwatta Kamp member Slikours online blog spot SlikourOnLife, he explained: "From a business perspective, we just felt like there's a gap in the industry and we need more females to be active and to be more visible as far as the hip hop frattenity is concerned..."  KO, who was speaking at the Axecess Jozi press conference, added: "She wasn't necessarily an artist, but we felt like her presence, her personality and overall charisma on stage were crucial ... because I mean she hosts events and she's a TV presenter and her image as well.I mean she just has this X Factor about her." 
He said they felt they could develop her into a natural artist. "She's a quick learner and I think she fits right in perfectly with what we stand for and what we're trying to do. She's business-savvy... What you guys are going to hear from her you're gonna be impressed so look out for that." (

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


World-wide renowned house DJ Black Coffee is without a doubt one of the most hard-working and dedicated musicians in South Africa. He is not only loved and respected in SA but all over the world. He recently celebrated his birthday just last week which was attended by friends, family and industry people. Amongst the friends that attended were “Culoe de Song” and “DJ Shimza” not forgetting Black Coffee’s oh-so beautiful wife Mbali Mlotshwa who is expecting a bundle of joy with DJ Black Coffee. V Entertainment crew covered the event and asked some of his friends and wife to share what the world needs to know about Black Coffee. ( : 17Mar15)

1.       He has a big heart
2.       He is a visionary
3.       What you see is what you get
4.       He’s  a good man
 5.       He never gives up

Those were all the things that his friends and family had to say about the “The Man WithThe Golden Hand”. He is truly an inspiration to many people out there and he should carry on doing the great work that he has been doing.

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Friday the 13th proved to be a horrific day for all lovers of house music. It was revealed and confirmed that the loved and oh-so low-key DJ Kent was ending his musical journey on 5FM’s Ultimix at 6. The 30-minute uninterrupted mix which, featured the hottest local and international DJs, will be sorely missed as it even helped to discover unsigned DJing talent. Kent, who worked on the Ultimix for 9 years, confirmed the he had reached the end of his road with this great platform which introduced him to thousands of House and EDM lovers across the country. “After 9 years of the Ultimix, I’ve decided to end this amazing journey. Thanks to 5FM for the great opportunity and thank you all for the support” He said. The news came as a devastating shock to all music lovers and avid fans of Kent. “This is devastating and sad” one fan replied to his tweet. Whilst another vocalized her disappointment after waiting on Kent’s ultimix: “You have no idea how upset I was yesterday when I heard some power hour BS on the radio when I was expecting the Ultimix.” She lambasted. 2014 marked a great year for DJ Kent's career as he scooped up a SAMA award for the most air played song for his single, Spin My World Around featuring The Arrows. However, his departure from 5FM doesn't mean King Kent has left mixing entirely. His famous mixes can be be heard on UK's BBC radio from 4am CAT (Central African Time) every Sunday. We guess DJ Kent is literally spinning the world around, one vinyl deck at a time. (Zalebs: 16 March 2015)

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House Dj's Vetkuk and Mahoota have released a new hip-hop single titled "Jova" which features the award winning superstar Cassper Nyovest, AB Crazy, Flabba and Tbo Touch. The single was released on the 6th of March on iTunes by Kalawa Jazmee under exclusive license to Universal Music (Pty) Ltd ZA. After their live performance on Live Amp, people took to Twitter and Facebook shocked at the unexpected collaboration of these artists but their ability to create and produce such a great song regardless of their different genres of expertise.
To purchase this track on iTunes follow the link below:

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Monday, March 16, 2015


It’s not over until DJ Sbu says so. It seems the SABC suspension has not halted Sibusiso Leope in any way.
The Metro FM deejay revealed that he’s in the process of launching his own brand of bread, titled "Nzo bread." He already has his own brand of energy drink called ‘Mo Faya,’ and he will be lauching toilet paper as well titled: ‘NtofoNtofo.’ Sbu was suspended by SABC after he pissed off his bosses when he defiantly promoted his energy drink at the Metro FM Awards which were broadcasted live on SABC 1 on Saturday night 28th February. According to Sbu the project of getting his Nzo Bread into our supermarket aisles has taken him 3 years to achieve. Although he didn't specify when his new brand of bread will be in stores, Sbu assured the masses that this would be "The most deliciously, fresh baked bread you have ever tasted."
A whole loaf of bread ladies and gentlemen, who would've thought that the vandal from Thembisa would feeding thousands of South Africans? (Sunday World March 12 2015)

sbu bread1.jpg 

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Multiple award winning singer, has opened up about how relationships can go wrong. Miss Dana has called on fans to share their ultimate #Killjoy experiences On social media platforms while she herself shared her own personal story of having been through what she now terms a ‘relationtrick’. In an interview with Sunday World she revealed she is still on a healing process after a relationship went wrong “Sometimes in relationships we get so hurt and feel alone as if you are the only one,” she shared. “This makes you question your confidence and prettiness.  “However there comes a time when you realise it was not your fault they were just killing your joy,” she said. She says when you hurt, your emotions are touched and it breaks you down. “When you in a relationship someone hurts you, you feel it get into depression and cry your eyes out.” Dana has learned not to blame herself for the wrong turn in love story something she has turned into a song titled KillJoy. “The song Killjoy is about heartbreak; the depression that comes with it and what happens after you have blamed yourself for the inadequacies of your lover. The song is also about the pain that comes with the realisation that it is not your fault and that you now have to walk away,” explains Dana. “You will never go into a relationship with your guard up, you will meet the wrong person but don’t carry that monkey into the next one,” she said. “Never blame yourself for having come across Mr wrong. To purchase Simphiwe Dana's album "Fire Brand" follow the link below

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